Slate Digital at Gear Expo Summer 2022: Over $100,000 worth of vintage tube mics in one sleek package

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GEAR EXPO SUMMER 2022: The Slate Digital Virtual Microphone System packs over $100,000 worth of vintage tube mics in one sleek package. 

The magic starts with the VMS ML-1 microphone. Truly transparent with super-clean response that is the definition of pristine, this is much more than your standard condenser microphone. In addition to being an exceptional mic on its own, the VMS ML-1 comes bundled with spot-on models of eight legendary analog tube mics, instantly giving you unlimited access to the world’s greatest mic locker. 

Slate Digital ML-1

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With emulations of such iconic mics as the C-800G, C-12 and the coveted 47, the VMS ML-1 will immediately be an indispensable piece of your toolkit. Plus, you also get access to digital versions of two renowned preamps, modelled to perfection. The digital models are so accurate, they don't just keep up with their hardware counterparts—they beat them. 

In blind test after blind test, the ML-1 and its mic models consistently outperform the original vintage tube mics they're based on. It's no surprise studio veterans like Oak Felder, Mark Hoppus, and Warren Huart have all chosen this mic over their very expensive (former) go-to’s.

You can get access to the world’s greatest mic locker for just $499, or finance it through our dealers for as low as $11/month, now through the end of June! Treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind piece of gear for the lowest price of the year.

Head to now to grab ML-1 for just $499 for a limited time.

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