Show Us Your Studio #15: "My Prophet-5 Rev 4 has helped me evolve to a whole new level of musician. I'm new to the synth world but I'm lucky to own one of the best ones!"

positive reptile
(Image credit: Positive Reptile)

This is Show Us Your Studio, a chance for our readers to show off their set-up, shout about their gear and invite the world into their home studio. This week's studio shot has been submitted by MusicRadar reader and music artist Positive Reptile. 

Tell us about your studio set-up?

"I recently purchased a townhouse in Seattle with my wife and already knew going into it that this would not be the 'perfect' acoustically treated room. That allowed for me to focus more on the aesthetic rather than utility, if that makes sense. I also work from home in tech consulting as a day job so it doubles as an office. 

"Since I spend so much time in this space I wanted it to evolve into a room that I don't really feel like leaving. I've put up lights everywhere with plants to give a jungle type of vibe. Even when I look outside the window all I see are trees. 

"One of my favourite parts of the room is my guitar wall. It has acoustic foam, plant panels, and lights that create this really cool vibe. My cats love the room a lot as well and spend most of their day in here with me which is just too awesome!"

Tell us a little about your musical background and the music that you make in your studio?

"I have been playing guitar for the past 16 years since ninth grade. I joined a metal band in college for five years but grew out of that. The energy on stage with heavy music is insane but I leaned towards writing more easy listening sounds that can be shared with pretty much everyone. 

"I love the peace and stillness that music gives me, especially when I am playing it, and I just want to share the feeling with my friends and family. I have recently started my solo producer journey (one month in!) and I create groovy downtempo synth/guitar tracks."

What's your favourite piece of gear and why?

"My number one piece of gear would be my silver Ernie Ball Music Man JP13 John Petrucci Signature. It is the perfect guitar for me but I've gotta say my Sequential Prophet 5 Rev 4 has recently evolved me to a whole new level of musician. I am relatively new to the synthesizer world but I am lucky to own one of the best ones!"

What was the first bit of gear you ever owned?

"My first 'big boy' guitar would be a Schecter Hellraiser C-1. You can get by with a cheap guitar when you are just starting but when you get your first 'real' guitar, its a game changer!"

What dream piece of gear would you love to own if money was no object?

"It's hard to know since I am feeling fulfilled right now, but I think as a whole I would love to have the 'perfect' studio set up. All the gear and wires and routing set to the point where no brains are required to start making sound. Not a studio that people would do crazy mixes in, but one that has great sound and an inviting sanctuary feeling. It's kinda what I have now on a small level but there is huge room for improvement."

Listen to Positive Reptile on Soundcloud.

If you'd like to be featured on Show Us Your Studio, email us today with a clear and well-lit picture of your studio space. 

positive reptile

(Image credit: Positive Reptile)

Positive Reptile's gear list

  • KRK Rokit 5s 
  • KRK 8in Subwoofer 
  • Fractal Audio FM3 
  • Sequential Prophet 5 Rev4 
  • Novation Summit 
  • Ernie Ball MusicMan JP15 
  • ErnieBall Music Man JP13 
  • Sterling by MusicMan 
  • Behringer Poly D
  • Macbook Pro M2 
  • Schecter ATX Solo-6 
  • Schecter Synyster Gates Custom-S

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