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Sheptone releases the Wanker humbucker (yes, really)

California-based pickup manufacturer Sheptone has announced the Wanker humbucker. Yes, really.

The Wanker is destined to cause much amusement among MR’s British user base while also providing ’80s-style, hair metal-approved SuperStrat electric guitar tones that are perfect for, ahem, solos.

As you might expect, the Wanker is a high-output humbucker, but draws on Sheptone’s experience with PAF-style models to produce a pickup that doesn’t sacrifice tone, according to the company.

Its 53mm spacing is designed for Floyd Rose and Fender-spaced bridges, and the pickup also features short feet, four-conductor wiring and Alnico 5 magnets, with resistance around 10.5.

The Wanker is available with white, cream and black bobbin colour configurations, and with German silver covers plated in nickel or gold.

Prices start at $129 - see Sheptone for more info.

And… breathe. We all deserve a hand for getting through all that without unleashing an arsenal of onanistic puns. Touch wood.

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