Sharp fret ends? Take care of your guitar with MusicNomad's new fret dressing file

(Image credit: MusicNomad)

Great fretwork can be the making of a new or old acoustic or electric guitar setup, and is a job best left to your local guitar technician if possible. But if you feel confident MusicNomad has pro-level tools to diagnose and address sharp and uneven frets. 

Filling sharp fret sprout and ends is now easier with MusicNomad's Diamond Coated E-File Fret End Dressing File. 

"Over 18 months, we collaborated with some of the top repair shops on the ultimate design and features they would want in a fret end dressing file,” says Rand Rognlien, CEO of Music Nomad. "After road testing our final design for many months, we are excited to get this out to the market."

The file uses medical grade stainless steel with a diamond coated cutting surface said to provide 'even, smooth and precise filing that cuts and polishes all fret material types simultaneously'. To help protect your guitar it also has two types of safe edges you can select according to your needs: flat and slightly radiused, with a fully rounded and polished tip to help prevent accidental damage. It's also suitable for stainless steel frets. 

The MusicNomad Fret End Dressing File (E-File) retails for $27.99. More info at  

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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