See the first song from Joe Bonamassa's new live album Tales Of Time and his biggest show production to date

Joe Bonamassa
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“This live show represents our most progressive and largest production to date focusing on my most ambitious studio album to date, Time Clocks," says Joe Bonamassa of his forthcoming live release, Tales Of Time. It captures the bluesman in his element in the stunning surroundings of Red Rocks, with lead-off clip The Loyal Kind below a showcase of the kind of musical class you can expect from Joe and his band. 

Available on CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and digitally on 14 April, the 10-track CD focuses on the material from 2021 album Time Clocks for the most part but the visual versions and 3LP are longer versions including Bonamassa fan favourites Mountain Time and Dust Bowl alongside Royal Tea's I Didn’t Think She Would Do It.

‘Tales Of Time’ by Joe Bonamassa (CD)
1. Notches
2. The Heart That Never Waits
3. Curtain Call
4. Mind’s Eye
5. Questions And Answers
6. The Loyal Kind
7. Known Unknowns
8. Time Clocks
9. Just ‘Cos You Can Don’t Mean You Should
10. Evil Mama

‘Tales Of Time’ by Joe Bonamassa (DVD/BR)
Dawn Of Time (Intro)
The Heart That Never Waits
Curtain Call
Mind’s Eye
Questions And Answers
The Loyal Kind
Known Unknowns
Time Clocks
Evil Mama
Midnight Blues
I Didn’t Think She Would Do It
Just ‘Cos You Can Don’t Mean You Should
Mountain Time
Times Tail (Credits)
Bonus Features:
Dust Bowl
Band Intros
The Ballad Of John Henry

Joe Bonamassa

(Image credit: Joe Bonamassa)

‘Tales Of Time’ by Joe Bonamassa (3 LP - 180 Gram Vinyl)
Side A
1. Notches
2. The Heart That Never Waits
Side B
1. Curtain Call
2. Mind’s Eye
3. Questions And Answers
Side C
1. The Loyal Kind
2. Known Unknowns
3. Time Clocks
Side D
1. Dust Bowl
2. Evil Mama
3. Midnight Blues
Side E
1. Just ‘Cos You Can Don’t Mean You Should
2. Mountain Time
Side F
1. I Didn’t Think She Would Do It
2. The Ballad Of John Henry

For more info and for tickets to Joe's February and March US tour, as well as his UK run in May visit

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