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Take your blues guitar playing to the next level with Scott McKeon's new MusicGurus online lessons

Inspired to play by his love of blues, Scott McKeon is regarded as one of the UK’s most talented and sought-after guitarists – both in and out of the studio. Throughout his career, he has played with musical legends including Sir Tom Jones, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison and many more.

Now, Scott is distilling his experience and passion for the original Blues guitar heroes and channelling it into a new MusicGurus course.

It's called Learn Authentic Blues Guitar and you’ll start at the early roots of R&B with an authentic Texas groove, before picking up the electric to master rhythm parts and soloing in the style of blues guitar greats.

You will learn:

  • Classic rhythm and lead guitar parts (on both acoustic and electric guitar)
  • How to solo in the style of classic players like BB King, Lightnin’ Hopkins and Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • Five of Scott’s go-to guitar licks, inspired by some of his favourite players
  • Scott's own original track Take Me Back

Scott McKeon

(Image credit: Scott McKeon)

A range interactive guitar tabs and notation are included throughout the course, and they can be slowed down and looped so you can fully immerse yourself in Scott’s playing.

Find out more and sign up to the course here and save 30% with the code GUITAR30 until 7 December.

There are also downloadable backing tracks in a range of styles, and a specially produced version of Scott's original track Take Me Back, re-engineered in backing track format so you can experience the thrill of playing with Scott's world class band in your own home.

When you sign up to the course you'll also get lifetime access to these great learning resources whenever you need them from MusicGurus.  

Scott McKeon

(Image credit: MusicGurus)

The Scott McKeon Learn Authentic Blues Guitar course is superb value at £40 / $55, plus an additional 30% saving when you use the code GUITAR30 until 7 December. 

For peace of mind there's also a free trial option and 100% money back guarantee. You can even purchase the course as a gift to help another guitarist in your life to enhance their playing. 

Get started mastering authentic blues style guitar and level up your playing by visiting  to sign up today. 

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