Sampling meets synthesis in Auddict’s Hexeract

If you thought that you had to make a choice between modular synthesis and sampling when you’re creating your sounds, Auddict’s Hexeract is a new software instrument that will make you think again. Designed for everyone from EDM artists to soundtrack composers, this has been built to meet the demands of today’s producers, using the very latest technology to bridge the gap between synthesis and sampling in fresh and exciting ways.

Hexeract is based on the notion that producers want great results fast, and can run the gamut from cinematic soundscapes to pulsing basses and classic synths. To ensure the highest possible quality, Auddict has gone to great lengths to ensure that the sample content being fed into the synth engine is top-notch - it was recorded by the most talented musicians with top-notch gear in state-of-the-art recording studios that are used by movie makers, and was produced in exactly the same way as film soundtrack content. So, even if you never so much as tweak a knob, you’ve got superb sounds at your fingertips.

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To drill down a little more, Hexeract enables you to layer up to eight voices in each of the three oscillators, with a ‘Smod’ function being used to randomise each voice’s sample start from each other to ensure that the sounds are thick and lush. You can then detune/spread and treat the voices just as you would in any other synth.

A per-note mode enables sample-and-hold style modulation, and in addition to the simple sampling synthesis, you can also use more complex techniques such as FM, AM, Cutoff-FM and more. As well as the two panels of modulatable OSC controls, there’s key-Fol for resonant FM. Modulation connections can be made in the virtual patchbay or mod matrix.

Throw in nine filter types, eight effects modules (as well as a master compressor, limiter and parametric EQ) and a 32-step arpeggiator and you’ve got a real powerhouse on your hands. More than 120 sampled instruments are supplied, and the 11 modulators include LFOs, sequencers, envelopes, MIDI CC, velocity and random.

Hexeract ships with 250 presets, and 250 more are on their way as part of a free upgrade. Additionally, you can import your own custom samples. The synth runs on Windows and Mac, with an iPad version on the way soon.

Hexeract has already started to find its way into the hands of professionals, and they’re effusive in their praise. "Hexeract is a welcome surprise from Auddict,” says composer Charlie Clouser. “The ability to apply FM to samples in a modular environment is just great, and it’s capable of some serious dirt and weight. Nicely done!"

Scott Chesak, meanwhile - a composer, songwriter and performer who’s worked with the likes of Adam Lambert and Weezer - says: "Hexeract excels in both complex sound design and fundamental synthesis. Its unique options allow for incredibly creative results!"

Find out more on the Hexeract website. The regular price is $200, but the synth is on offer at $100 for a limited time.