Rob Papen takes you Back In Time with BIT, a pure analogue-modelled plugin synth

Rob Papen BIT screenshot

Rob Papen has come over all nostalgic for his latest plugin synth release, taking you Back In Time with BIT. Rather than offering up a range of sound-generating techniques, this is a pure analogue-modelled subtractive instrument, though there are a few modern touches to disrupt the retro vibe.

Still, this is a classic 2-oscillator synth at heart, free of spectrum waveforms and samples. Modulation is handled by a matrix, and there are two analogue-modelled filters and a filter envelope. A 16-step arpeggiator is included, and you get chorus, flanger, phaser, delay and reverb effects.

BIT is available for PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats, and can currently be purchased for the introductory price of $79/€79 (regular price $99/€99). Find out more and download a demo on the Rob Papen website.

Rob Papen BIT features

  • 16-voice virtual analogue synthesizer
  • Over 950 top-quality presets
  • 2 Oscillators with a dedicated advance panel offering an LFO and Envelope for modulating different parts of the Oscillator
  • Classic waveforms in each oscillator included 'Tuned Noise'
  • 2nd Oscillator has Sub-Oscillator with Sinus, Square and Saw waveform
  • Oscillator-2 can be modulated by Oscillator-1 in FM, PM or RING mode.
  • Oscillator-2 can Sync to Oscillator-1
  • Oscillators have 'wave feedback' feature
  • Dedicated Noise Oscillator with White and Pink Noise
  • 2 analog modeled Filters with 11 different character Filter types and modes
  • Filter Routing options: serial, split-osc, split-noise
  • Dedicated Filter Envelope with Attack, Decay, Sustain, Fade and Release.
  • Filter Envelopes with Tempo Bases Sync option and inverted mode
  • AMP with velocity control and Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release
  • ARP with 16 steps and many different modes and detailed features and options
  • PLAY MODE with Poly, Mono and Legato mode included many different Unison modes
  • Chorus FX
  • Flanger or Phaser FX
  • Delay and HQ Reverb (serial)
  • Bank manager
  • 100%, 150% and 200% size options
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