Riversong releases the limited edition Glennwood TS6 – a high-end acoustic with an innovative build

Riversong Glennwood TS6
(Image credit: Riversong Guitars)

Riversong Guitars has unveiled the Glennwood TS6, a “workhorse” acoustic electric equipped with Fishman electronics and a host of clever features.

Indeed, Riversong’s idea of a workhorse might be different to many of us. Yes, it looks ready for the stage and studio, but with its solid-build with boutique bona fides this is a high-end acoustic guitar from nose to tail. 

The Glennwood has a torrefied solid Sitka spruce top to give it that sweetness you might hear from a vintage acoustic guitar, and this is complemented with solid wild cherry on the back and sides. 

While Riversong has arranged the bracing in what might be considered a relatively conventional X pattern, the bracing itself is decidedly not, with the Canadian brand developing a “skeletized” bracing that looks very much like weight-relieved bracing.  

Riversong Glennwood TS6

(Image credit: Riversong Guitars)

It is the neck where things get really interesting, with Riversong saying its patented neck-through system allows for less bracing during the build. 

The neck is fully adjustable via Allen key, much like an electric guitar, with a full-length truss rod that allows you to make quick setup tweaks, and a neck that extends right through the body to a strap pin that is part of the very body of the guitar.

The neck-through build and “Fast C” neck profile gives the Glennwood a hybrid quality, with its more slinky feel reminiscent of an electric. As for the electronics, there is a simple Fishman Flex pickup and preamp, and a player-side sound port to act as a monitor – a design element that we have most notably seen on Gibson’s new Generation Series acoustics.

Elsewhere, the Glennwood has a Double Reaction bridge, which incorporates carbon fibre plates to improve resonance. Riversong says this gives the instrument an extra 10 per cent volume boost. 

The Glennwood has a Canadian walnut fingerboard with a 16” radius, a 25.5” scale and a nut width of 1.625” (41.275), and it is constructed in Riversong’s Custom Shop, in Kamloops, British Columbia.

Available now, the Glennwood TS6 is priced $1,999 (US), and limited to 200 units worldwide. See Riversong Guitars for more details.

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