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Revoice Pro 4 is here and introduces a new vibrato warp function

Synchro Arts has released version 4 of its time and pitch manipulation tool, Revoice Pro, which promises over 70 features and improvements over version 3.

Among the new additions are the improved handling of musical vibrato, new APT Music and Dialog modes, ARA 2 support and iLok Cloud licensing.

Perhaps the highlight is the Vibrato Warp function, which identifies and retains the singer’s vibrato characteristics, even when time stretching or compressing their voice. With other time-modifying applications, the vibrato speeds up or down when the length of a part is altered. 

Revoice Pro 4 is out now and available at an introductory offer price of $479 ($599), €367 (€459), £333 (£416) for a full license and $144 ($180), €108 (€135), £99 (£124) for upgrades from previous versions. 

Upgrades are free to users who bought Revoice Pro 3.3 on 12 March 2018, or later. Introductory period ends 17 October 2018 and all prices are excluding tax.

More information can be found on the Synchro Arts website.

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