Get your snout into the trough of fuzz with Pigtronix's new Star Eater pedal

The fuzz cannot be stopped, and nor should it be. Pigtronix and serving up a jumbo-sized helping of it here for your pedalboard, with a side order of versatility.

Star Eater is an 'all-analogue, dual footswitch super-jumbo' fuzz pedal. But the real hook here for us is the footswitchable booster and variable filter stage to allow you bigger scope to sculpt the fuzz tones that work best for you. 


(Image credit: Pigtronix)

On the left fuzz side, precision-matched transistor pairs are used to get you to the mystical sweet spot of fuzziness. A rocker switch give you the choice between Germanium or Silicon colour for a wide range of character. 

On the right, the booster stage drives the Star Eater's filter. You have Scoop and Bump voicings for this filter can be selected via a second rocker switch to significantly change the frequency response. 

US MAP $179. More info at Pigtronix

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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