Phonicbloom's Loopstyler is a pocket synth, sampler and looper that you can play like a Stylophone. What more could you want?

Loopstyler is a pocket synth and sampler with (at least) 32 notes of polyphony, sampling, multitrack sequencing and looping. It fits in your pocket, plays like a Stylophone, sounds like a dream and will cost a couple of hundred Euros. We want one right now. 

Phonicbloom Loopstyler

(Image credit: Phonicbloom)

Phonicbloom makes some crazy looking music gear, including a 'tuneable electronic tongue drum' (called Wing Drum) and Glo, the Polyphonic Whale, which is an ambient music producer that utilises environmental sounds around you. Of course it does. 

The company's latest device is Loopstyler, which you can play like a classic Stylophone. Use it as a tape looper, or program with a multitrack sequencer. Phonicbloom even claims it's an audio interface and MIDI controller, too, making it pretty much everything you can imagine in one pocket-sized unit. 

Loopstyler manages to cram in several sound engines including FM, Karplus‑Strong, granular and subtractive synthesis. But if these aren't enough, just sample in your own sounds and max out the supplied SD card. There are effects, too, and these can be added per voice or globally. 

There are four play modes on Loopstyler. Easy Play lets you select a sound from the 'vast' library, choose a scale and play the device like a Stylophone. Tape Loop sounds very interesting as you can loop recorded samples, and control playback using an accelerometer and a light sensor. 

The third mode is the multitrack sequencer where you build a track note by note and across multiple tracks using internal sounds or sampled sources. Then, finally, you probably have to be an advanced user to fully exploit 'Expert Programming', where you can sequence, arpeggiate, modulate, and more. The extensive manual is recommended for this one.

Loopstyler isn't available yet – Phonicbloom says it's likely to be ready in two to three months – but preorders are being taken and the price is €175 plus tax. 

More info on Phonicbloom's website.

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