Origin Effects has renamed its RevivalTREM pedal

The decision by the UK's Origin Effects to rename its ReivalTREM Bias Tremolo pedal as the DELUXE61 Amp Tremolo & Drive is not a result of its trademark dispute we previously reported on with Revival Electric. Instead, the company says the decision reflects the features of the pedal.

“The DELUXE61 is so much more than just a tremolo pedal," says Origin Effects founder, Simon Keats. "It’s a complete ‘amp recreation’, giving you all the tones of the famous Brown Deluxe, whether it’s soft, swampy trem or Southern Rock crunch. The new name conveys the pedal's true capabilities, sitting alongside our MAGMA57, which pays tribute to the Magnatone’s 200 series amps.” 

Origin Effects

(Image credit: Origin Effects)

Origin's RevivalDRIVE will continue with its name unchanged.

The Origin Effects DELUXE61 is available now (£385 / $459) and you can find out more at Origin Effects.

Rob Laing
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