Old Blood Noise Endeavour's Alpha Haunt Fuzz gets a 2021 makeover

GEAR 2021: We count 12 controls on the new Alpha Haunt Fuzz pedal from Old Blood Noise Endeavours so we're assuming there's plenty of options here. And we'd be right – that pack of fierce-looking wolves on its case art is indicative of what the US company is offering for fuzzaholics. 

Two years after its original release, the 2021 Alpha Haunt is now in a more pedalboard-friendly compact form with updated circuitry and new artwork, but it's as tweakable as ever.


(Image credit: OBNE)

The Switchable fuzz range, bias and tone control voices here will widen your horizons further and a three-band slider EQ offers intuitive and tangible control when it comes to shaping your sound.


(Image credit: OBNE)

You have variable control over fuzz gain, compression and the overall tone but there's also switchable fuzz distortion range, bias, low pass filter too. These parameters react "interactively" with the Tone control and a parallel Enhance circuit. 

The latter feature sounds especially useful for those of us that want clarity in our fuzz. Used on its own the Enhance circuit is as a clean boost, alongside the Fuzz Volume, it brings in will add both body and clarity.

The new Alpha Haunt Fuzz will be available mid March in the UK for £215.

Check out a demo of the original version below and for more info visit Old Blood Noise Endeavours

Rob Laing
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