Novation’s LaunchPad Pro helps you start making music from anything

When you’re looking for musical inspiration, it’s tempting to turn to the same old places: your synths, software and sample collection. However, sometimes it pays to think not just out of the box, but out of the studio altogether.

There’s literally a whole world of sound out there that’s waiting to be discovered, recorded and reworked. And these sounds - the ones that you hear but never really listen to as you go through everyday life - could become the starting point for your next track.

What’s more, capturing them is easy. Every time you step out with your phone in your pocket, you’re taking a recording device with you, and you can build up an extensive library of unique voice memos in no time.

It’s at this point that Novation’s LaunchPad Pro comes in. Check out the video above and you’ll see that it ships with everything you need to turn your field recordings into something seriously funky. Import your samples into Ableton Live Lite, which comes in the box, and then you’re all set to trigger and sequence them using the hardware’s pads. You get a selection of VST instruments - Bass Station, V-Station and XLN’s Addictive Keys - to tinker with, too.

Novation’s Start Making video series demonstrates that you can use this method of working to produce not just drum ‘n’ bass, but also trap, techno and house, but don’t go thinking that the LaunchPad Pro is only good for dance music. It’s an inspirational, liberating platform that can be used in any genre you wish - the only limit to its potential is your own creativity.

Find out more about how the LaunchPad Pro is breaking down music-making barriers on the Novation website.