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Neunaber celebrates its 10-year anniversary with limited-edition Immerse Mk II reverb pedal

Neunaber 10-Year Immerse Mk II
(Image credit: Neunaber)

Over its 10-year history, Neunaber has become a go-to brand for reverb, and to celebrate a decade since the launch of its Wet Reverb pedal, the company has launched a limited-edition version of its latest and greatest, the Immerse Mk II.

Besides adorning the Immerse with the Wet Reverb’s blue ripple design, the pedal also features a retro Wet Reverb font and 10-year mark.

Serial numbers for the run are hand-numbered, and each pedal is built to order in small batches.

Otherwise, the pedal is as per the regular Immerse Reverberator, boasting the same eight superlative reverb types, which earned it a spot on our list of the best reverb pedals available today.

The 10-Year Immerse Mk II is available now from Neunaber Audio for $249.

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