NAMM 2024: Acoustic amps aren't cool? Taylor says otherwise with its Circa 74 guitar and vocal combo

Taylor Circa 74 amp
(Image credit: Taylor Guitars)

NAMM 2024: Taylor walks its own path with acoustic guitar design, and with a CEO and chief designer talent like Andy Powers at the wheel now it isn't any wonder. But acoustic amps? Not its thing. Until now.

And Taylor co-founder / former CEO Bob Taylor designed it, not Andy. The Circa 74 looks like the name suggests, and I love it already. As someone who spent years in a band lugging an acoustic amp combo wedge around, I'm not used to the words 'attractive' and 'cool' being associated with the object that I'd do hopeless battle against a drummer with. And yet, here we are – what a beauty the Circa 74 is!

No Tolex in sight: the case and stand are mahogany here. In fact, I'm wondering if a 'gear furniture' memo went around judging by Fender's new guitar and amp stands that also just surfaced. But it's much more than a visual statement: this is a passion project for Bob Taylor, with weight to its specs. 

A Class D solid state 150-watt 2-channel combo, weighing 24lbs without its stand, the Circa 74 features a 10-inch full-range speaker designed to accommodate acoustic guitar and vocalists. Each channel includes its own three-band EQ and reverb control. There's Bluetooth and auxiliary inputs for your backing tracks too, plus a headphone output. 

Taylor Circa 74

(Image credit: Taylor)

There was reportedly a huge amount of research involved in the amp to widen its usability and appeal for Taylor electro-acoustic guitar players, but also far beyond. Bob Taylor the Taylor team focussed on mellowing the high end with warmth as a priority and the company has even acknowledged the wider with presets for pickups and mics including Fishman, LR Baggs and K&K to Shure and Telefunken.

Taylor Circa 74 amp

The Fender Deluxe Amp Stand  (Image credit: Taylor)

This year marks 50 years of Taylor and the amp marks that, referencing back to the year co-founder Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug opened their small shop in Southern California back in 1974. 

The Taylor Circa 74 is $1,199. 

For more info visit Taylor Guitarsand Sweetwater

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