NAMM 2020 VIDEO: Two Notes launches the Torpedo Captor X

NAMM 2020: Two Notes Audio Engineering has unveiled the latest in its multi-functional Torpedo series, with the Captor X a compact device that serves as a load box, valve amplifier attenuator, IR loader, cabinet simulator and stereo expander.

The Captor X could be used in a number of situations. Say you've just bought a Reverb Deluxe and you want to push it without shaking the windows and waking the neighbours, that's when its attenuator allows you to drive it to overdrive and keep the volume down. Use the headphones and you can throttle your 100-watt Marshall head as you practise in silence. Unhappy with your live sound? You can go straight to the p.a. using the virtual cabinet, mic and mic placement of your choice. 

There are a host of new features packed into the Captor X. Torpedo Remote allows you to pair your device and dial in what cab sim or mic sim you want to use. You can dual mic your cabinets, too. There are two XLR outputs, one stereo, the other for sending a dry or wet signal, which will come in handy should you want to reamp or process your track after recording it.

The Captor X has a Twin Tracker, an automatic double tracker that takes the mono amp sound and routes it through the left output while creating another track through the the right channel in real-time. The result? Your tone is thicker, bigger.

There is also an onboard enhancer, stereo reverb and voicing to make quick edits to your preset tones. 

All this and more is explained about in the video.

The Captor X is priced £469 ($549) See Two Notes for more details. 

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(Image credit: Two Notes)
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