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NAMM 2020: MXR has made a Timmy mini overdrive pedal with Paul Cochrane

(Image credit: MXR)

NAMM 2020: Fifteen years after the Timmy overdrive first surfaced and won the hearts of players with its low gain transparency, MXR has now partnered with the pedal's creator Paul Cochrane to produce the MXR Timmy. It's a smaller and more affordable Timmy than ever before - boutique for less!

For $129.99 it's a competitive price point for a new version of one of the finest and most usable gain pedals on the market, and because it's slimmed down it's even easier to add to your 'board.

With the same controls, two-band EQ, plus symmetrical and asymmetrical clipping this has the full range of features on paper as the original. We're looking forward to finding out if it holds up to bigger brother. 

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Rob Laing

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