NAMM 2020: has AMT just raised the bar for cab modelling on a pedal?

NAMM 2020: Cab simulation is one of the fastest developing parts of the guitar industry right now as players demand more choice, authenticity and gigability from modelling units on their pedalboards. And Russian preamp pedal company gurus AMT Electronics looks like its risen to the challenge with its new Pangaea VirginCab VC16.

The pedal offers players the ability to load up to 16 impulse responses, and call up four presets across its four banks. Two presets can be switched between during performance, and the pedal offers switchable functionality with AMT's preamps too.

(Image credit: AMT)

Impulses are uploaded via a micro-USB and you can also adjust a host of parameters via the computer too. These include a compressor, clean preamp, noise gate, nine power amp emulations, five-band parametric EQ, high- and low-pass filters, volume, early reflections and presence.

Its suitability for your pedalboard is further enhanced with the DI functionality; the Pangaea VirginCab VC16's stereo outputs can be set to balanced or unbalanced and line or mic levels. If you want to practice with it there's a headphone out too. 

 The Pangea VirginCab VC16 is available from Reverb now for $110 / £87.55 and you can head over to AMT Electronics for more information. 

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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