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NAMM 2020: Fender has brought its late-70s Lead electric back to life

Fender Player Series Lead II (Image credit: Fender)

NAMM 2020: Fender has debuted revamped versions of its previously-mothballed solid-body electric in the form of the new Player Series Lead II and Player Series Lead III.

The original Lead hit the stores in 1979 and the model remained available into 1982, before it was discontinued. The idea of the Lead was to meld a Strat-like neck with the hardtail, through-body stringing of the Tele and add some different control configurations, in order to give players a new flavour of Fender at an affordable price point.

Fender Player Series Lead III

Fender Player Series Lead III (Image credit: Fender)

These two new models aren't aiming to period-correct, but certainly retain the core concept. The Player Series Lead II [top] takes the late-70s models as its cue and pairs a modern C-profile neck with two slanted Player Series singlecoils and toggle switches that control pickup selection and phase. That's available in Crimson Red Transparent, Black and Neon Green. 

The Player Series Lead III [above] – offered at the same price – is inspired by the last available Lead guitar and switches out the singlecoils for an HH setup, with toggle switches that offer pickup selection and coil-splits and is available in Olympic White, Sienna Sunburst and Metallic Purple.

Both the Player Series Lead II and III have an MSRP of $599.99.