NAMM 2020: Darkglass floats lightweight DN bass cabinet series

NAMM 2020: Darkglass Electronics, Finnish purveyor of bass amps, pedals, and other low-end gear is launching a new range of lightweight cabinets. But fear not, we're promised that the DN Cabinet range's relative lugability doesn't come at a cost of flimsy tone.

"The age of compromise is over" is the strident tagline here, and Darkglass has worked in collaboration with driver mavens Eminence to furnish the DNs with custom Neodymium drivers to deliver high-end presence, tone, performance and reliability.

The cabinets are constructed from the real-but-made-up-sounding sustainable hardwood Paulownia, augmented by a Baltic birch front baffle to ensure rigidity and finished in hard-wearing carbon-fibre-style tolex, which certainly sounds resilient.

The Darkglass DN Cabinets are available in 2x10, 4x10, 2x12 and 1x12 configurations, starting at £575 ($/€ prices TBC). For more info head over to

Darkglass DN Cabinets

(Image credit: Darkglass)

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