NAMM 2019: Pigtronix reveals Resotron analog filter stompbox

NAMM 2019: Pigtronix has announced the release of the Resotron, an analog filter that aims to bring the sound of '70's keyboard synths to your pedalboard.

Built around the SSM2040 chip found in the influential Prophet 5 and Octave CAT synths, this 24db/octave, state-variable filter offers envelope filters in UP and DOWN sweeping modes, plus a sensitivity control to adjust how responsive the effect is to how hard you play. 

Crucially, the Resotron can also deploy an analog pitch-tracking system to move the cutoff frequency of the filter based on the notes you play rather than how hard you play them.  

“The pitch-following effect found in the Resotron is analogous to the “key-follow” function found on the original Minimoog and many other classic analog keyboards,” says Pigtronix president David Koltai. “Using our all-analog pitch-tracking circuit to control cutoff frequency, the Resotron delivers mind-blowing filter motion for guitar players. I’ve dreamt of making this pedal for years, and it’s finally here.”

Offering further depths, the built-in Low Pass, Band Pass or High Pass modes are tweakable by adjusting the Peak knob, progressively feeding the filter back upon itself to increase the resonance of the filter, right up to the point of self-oscillation. 

The Oscillate function allows you to go even further, turning the Resotron into an analog synthesizer pedal that follows both the pitch AND dynamics of your playing. And the synthesizer sounds themselves can be radically altered by switching between the LPF, BPF and HPF modes. This allows users to access waveforms that range from "subtle voice emulations to bombastic, aggressive lead sounds, as well as ultra-smooth sub bass tones".

• 24db/oct filter based on the SSM2040 chip
• Low Pass, Band Pass & High Pass Filter options
• Velocity controlled UP & DOWN envelope modes
• Pitch-following envelope function with variable GLIDE
• BLEND control mixes in Philosopher’s Tone compression
• Expression pedal / 0-5V CV input modulates CUTOFF
• OSCILLATE mode for monophonic synth sounds
• Sidechain TRIGGER input for external audio
• Hardwired true bypass switching
• 18VDC power supply included
• 100% analog design
• Circuit design by Nick Cote
• Sound design by David Koltai

The Resotron is now shipping at $249.00 USD. Check out the videos to hear Resotron in action, and head to the Pigtronix site for more details.


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