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NAMM 2018 first look video: Positive Grid adds Celestion IRs, bass components and new amp packs for BIAS Amp 2

NAMM 2018: Software firm Positive Grid has announced BIAS Amp 2, an update of its amp modeler. Central to the latest edition is the inclusion of Celestion speaker IRs and an overhauled speaker cabinet module.

The new cab module eschews the usual laborious loading of individual samples in favour of a speaker UI in which you simply drag and drop a microphone to change the selected IR, or stack up multiple mics and mix them.

Positive Grid has also expanded the amount of tube emulations its offering in BIAS Amp, with the addition of 12BH7, 12AY7 tubes, plus 6550 power tubes and KT88s. Many of these can be found in bass amps, so it makes some sense that the new update also includes a new bass-specific amp pack, alongside the new Blues Pack, which focuses on clean and mid-gain tones. 

Going into more detail, this iteration of BIAS Amp also incorporates a new Dynamic Tone Control that Positive Grid says is designed to emulate the effect that different transformers and power supplies can have on an amp's tone, particularly in the upper mid-range frequencies. 

Finally, the EQ module has been given an update and now enables real time analysis (RTA) of frequencies in order to help players identify and iron-out problem frequencies. 

The updated BIAS Amp 2 is available now. Head to for more information.

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