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NAMM 2018: JHS Pedals’ Bonsai is 9 classic Tube Screamers in one

NAMM 2018: The last thing the pedal world needs is another Tube Screamer, but we won’t say no to nine-in-one, and that’s exactly what JHS Pedals’ Bonsai sets out to deliver.

A rotary knob sweeps between nine variations of the TS, chosen by JHS main man Josh Scott; each one was accurately replicated, rather than emulated, so when you turn that dial, you’re engaging the exact circuits from the originals.

The TS models on offer are: Boss OD-1, TS808, TS9, MSL, TS10, Exar OD-1, TS7 (+ mode), Keeley Mod Plus and JHS Strong Mod.

JHS Pedals’ Bonsai is available from March for $229. See JHS Pedals for more info.

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