NAMM 2018: Chase Bliss Audio reveals Thermae pedal, “a radically new approach to analogue delay and harmonisation”


NAMM 2018: As well as the Condor Analog EQ, Chase Bliss Audio also wowed NAMM-goers with the Thermae, which it’s calling a “radically new approach to analogue delay and harmonisation”.

How, you ask? Well, that’ll be down to the pedal’s digital manipulation of an analogue signal path, which is fuelled by four MN3005 bucket-brigade delay chips.

That means you can change the delay time to create musical intervals, serving up the potential for harmonisation and even sequencing via automatic or manual triggering.

Besides that, the Thermae can function as a standard analogue delay with advanced modulation options.

The Thermae is available on 31 May for $499 - Chase Bliss Audio has more.

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