The pedal release of 2022? MXR officially announces The Duke Of Tone overdrive in partnership with Analog Man

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Following a leak last month, the MXR Duke Of Tone overdrive pedal has officially been announced and the demos are now surfacing on the YouTubes so we can hear what it's all about. 

A partnership with Analog Man's Mike Piera, who has years-long waiting list for his King Of Tone pedal, this mini stompbox looks like it could sweet spot for players. We're very excited. 

MXR has already shown form for this kind of thing with Timmy pedal, and this time its the Analog Man Prince Of Tone Overdrive that's getting the mini treatment. Giving us even more excuses to squeeze it on our pedalboard. 

The Prince Of Tone is the single-channel version of the hallowed King Of Tone Overdrive (with a four-year waiting list as we write this). This MXR Custom Shop going to be £185, so not as cheap as the MXR Timmy, but it will offer a lot in that little chassis.

The three-position clipping switch gives you an overdrive, boost and distortion mode for honing the right flavour into the front end of your amp. Peach Guitars' demo above is a great overview of how these modes sound with a single coil Tele. 

The appeal of the Prince Of Tone is the small cranked amp-like character with midrange focus players love. But within its core appeal is versatility via the drive control alongside those three clipping modes and how they shape the EQ. 

Guitarists will inevitably be attracted to each mode for different needs, with the OD mode being the core go-to attraction of Analog Man's drive pedals. Something that's evolved beyond the common Blues Driver comparison. 

We're excited to get our hands on one when they're released later in September.

In the meantime you can preorder one from Andertons.

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