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Mooer Audio unveils the GE150 amp modelling and multi-effects unit

(Image credit: Mooer Audio)

Mooer Audio is swinging for the fences with the GE150 guitar multi-effects unit and amp modeller, as it looks to compete with the likes of Boss and Line 6.

Combining a maximum of signal processing features into a portable unit and and pricing it competitively, the GE150 succeeds Mooer Audio's GE100 and positions itself against the likes of the Boss GT-1 and the more expensive Line 6 Helix Stomp.

Much like a scaled down version of the GE300, the GE150 organises all its digitally created effects and amp modelling profiles into categories it calls effects blocks. The GE150 has nine in total. There you'll find reverb, delay, modulation, overdrive/distortion, all the amp models and cabinet simulations, wah and noise gate. Mooer say that, all in, you get 151 effects options with the unit. 

As for cab sims, there is an impulse response loader so you can swap out any presets you don't like with your preferred third-party IRs.

The looping function can record loops up to 80 seconds long and is activated by one of the two footswitches on the unit. The other controls the onboard tuner.

The GE150 comes with a programmable footswitch, with a tap tempo function for configuring your time sensitive effects, and ships with a whole host of presets already programmed. The expression pedal allows you to quickly cycle through parameters.

Elsewhere, there is a metronome with 10 different options, and 40 drum rhythms – making the GE150 an excellent practice tool. 

Connectivity-wise, you've got an On-The-Go USB connection for smartphones and tablets, and there is a headphones output for silent practice.

This ships 17 September price TBC. 

See Mooer Audio for more details.

Spec summary below:

  • 55 amp models from Mooer's Micro Preamp series. Support for third-party impulse response files to get the same dynamics and feel of a real tube amp. 
  • Up to 9 effect types with 151 different effects total 
  • Tap tempo function
  • Expression pedal to control multiple values by one touch. 
  • Firmware update via USB
  • Looper with 80-second capacity
  • Headphone output 
  • Aux input and built-in tuner
  • 40 drum rhythms
  • 10 metronome options   
  • USB On-The-Go output for compatible smartphones and tablets
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