Metallica's Kill 'Em All played in the style of ZZ Top actually works really well

Metallica / ZZ Top
(Image credit: Metallica / Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Stagecoach))

Hit The Lights as a laid-back blues boogie? File this under things you never knew you needed. YouTuber Denis Pauna has covered the whole of Metallica's debut album Kill 'Em All in the style of ZZ Top.

Why? Because he can, and it actually works! Proof that solid songwriting bears adaption well. Pauna does a mean Billy Gibbons impression too, slowing down James Hetfield's thrashy pace for shuffle and swing.

Pauna decided to record the whole album for its 40th anniversary after the popularity of his Seek & Destroy rendition in the style of the Texas blues-rock legends. And he's got impressive form for this kind of thing, from Pearl Jam in the style of Faith No More to death metal Michael Jackson

So your move now Metallica, let's hear your take on Eliminator. Or Denis's…  

Rob Laing
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