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Mesa/Boogie reveals two new switching pedals for dual-amp rigs

Mesa/Boogie has announced a pair of new amp-switching pedals, the Head-Track and Switch-Track.

The Head-Track enables two amp heads to be used with one set of effects and a speaker cab.

It’s intended to be used near amps to maintain short cable lengths - although it also packs an onboard footswitch for switching between heads - and features a remote switch jack for integration with MIDI and switching systems.

The Switch-Track, meanwhile provides ABY switching for two amps, boasting a buffered input and transformer-isolated outputs for consistent tone.

Switching can be triggered at the unit itself for pedalboard users (A/B and A+B/mute footswitches are onboard), or via MIDI, while other features include a low-impedance tuner out jack, ground lift switch for isolating the A output and phase invert switch.

The Head-Track and Switch-Track are available now for $399 and $299 respectively. Head over to Mesa/Boogie for more info.

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