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Mesa/Boogie goes back to its roots with California Tweed 6V6 4:40 guitar amp

Mesa/Boogie has announced the California Tweed Series 6V6 4:40 guitar amp in head and combo forms, along with accompanying 1x12 23 and 2x12 extension cabs.

The single-channel 4:40 boasts four 6V6, five 12AX7 and one 12AT7 tubes, along with an all-tube, long-tank spring reverb and buffered, tube-driven series FX loop.

Mesa’s contemporary features also make an appearance, including its Incremental Multi-Watt Power Amp, Duo-Class and Dyna-Watt tech for five power, two-operating classes and three wiring options.

These power options include: 40 Watts - 4x6V6 Class A/B Pentode, 30 Watts - 2x6V6 Class A/B Triode + 2x6V6 Class A/B Pentode, 20 Watts - 2x6V6 Class A/B Pentode, 10 Watts - 2x6V6 Class A/B Triode and all the way down to 2 Watts - 1x6V6 Triode + 1x6V6 Pentode, Single-Ended Class A Parallel.

Jensen’s P12/100 Blackbird Alnico is Mesa’s pick for the combo’s speaker, and it also appears in the new 1x12 23 or 2x12 extension cabs.

The California Tweed Series 6V6 4:40 is available soon in head ($1,699) and combo ($1,899) formats. See Mesa/Boogie for more info.

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