Mesa/Boogie amps are officially back on sale in Europe

Best guitar amps: Mesa/Boogie Mark Five: 25
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UK retailers got ahead of a Gibson announcement this weekend (24 February) and unexpectedly began listing Mesa/Boogie bass and guitar amps for preorder after the US brand's lengthy absence from the European market.

We already saw amps for visitors to demo at the newly-opened Gibson Garage London last week, but their listing on UK retailers Andertons and Peach was unexpected. 

Mesa/Boogie amp UK listings

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High-end tube amps available for preorder at Andertons include the California Tweed, Badlander 100, Fillmore, Triple Crown, Mark Five, Rectoverb and the 2023-launched Mk VII. A range of Open Back and Rectifier cabs are also listed for preorder. While a shipping date is not stated for some of the listings, amps including the Mark VII models are due in stock with Andertons on 31 March 2024.

Gibson announced its acquisition of Mesa/Boogie amps at the beginning of 2022, safeguarding the future of the US boutique company founded by Randall Smith over 50 years previously. In addition to his continued work on Mesa/Boogie products, Smith has also been involved in the designs for the relaunch of Gibson Amps, starting with the reworked Falcon models.


Check out the Mesa/Boogie range available at Andertons

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