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Me in my studio: Envotion

Dutch trio, Envotion are known for serving epic, synth-laden house tracks that certainly ramp up the nostalgia dial and the synth-lover’s latest release is no different.

The group consisting of Hugo Alberts, Laurens Alberts and Stijn Halfens show us around their studio, giving us some insight into the tools that fuelled the latest album, We Are.

Choice instruments include a Sequential Prophet-6 module, a rather rare ARP Avatar and two Roland Boutique JP-08s, which the group concede not wanting to like, initially, but couldn’t resist those Jupiter sounds in such a affordable package. So much so, they bought two.

A clutch of vintage ‘boards including the Korg DW6000, Juno-106, DX-7 and JD-800 are joined by the Akai S612 and some more outboard DSP gear.

Rounding off the synth-stuffed studio is a modest (by some standards) Eurorack setup which provided much of the hi-hat sounds for the album.

We Are is out now on Armada Music.