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Mastro Valvola announces Area Multi Reverb MkII pedal

Italy’s Mastro Valvola has announced a new MkII version of its Area Multi Reverb pedal.

The MkII’s key addition is Mastro Valvola’s cunning new Timed Bypass System, which automatically switches between buffered and true bypass.

So, when Trails are engaged and the effect is turned off, the pedal uses buffered bypass, but when the reverb trails die completely, the pedal automatically switches to true bypass via an internal relay. Neat.

Otherwise, the pedal retains the same four types as the original - Reverb, Modulation, Shimmer 8th, Shimmer 8th + 5th – as well as three presets, and controls for decay, damp, mix, pre-delay and shimmer volume.

The Area Multi Reverb MkII is available now from Mastro Valvola for €225.

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