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Mad Professor’s Kosmos reverb pedal “will open a universe of ambient tones”

There are loads of superlative reverb pedals available today, but Mad Professor’s latest effort, the Kosmos, certainly has what it takes to be a contender.

Promising to lean on the ambient side of proceedings, the Kosmos offers 11 reverbs: plate, room, spring and hall, three reverb + shimmer sounds, two reverb + delay sounds and two swell sounds.

Speaking of which, those swell sounds are initiated via the pedal's footswitch, which also controls freeze functionality, depending on the reverb type.

Besides the usual time, tone and level knobs, the Control, erm, control changes with each reverb type to become ducking depth, swell rise speed, shimmer ratio or delay level.

Elsewhere, there’s a wet-only mode, analogue dry path, true bypass switching and 9V power supply or battery operation.

We’ve got high hopes for this one. The Kosmos is available now from Mad Professor for €259.

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