Mad Professor's Electric Blue II welcomes a newly designed vibrato effect to the vintage chorus party

Mad Professor Amplification has unveiled the Electric Blue II Chorus/Vibrato pedal, which takes the original chorus pedal and adds a newly designed vibrato circuit and a extra controls. 

An all-analogue modulation stompbox, the Electric Blue II uses bucket brigade technology for a vintage effect. The enclosure features controls for Depth, Speed, Mix and Tone, with a mini-toggle for switching between chorus and vibrato, giving you plenty of control over the effect. 

At slow speeds, the Chorus mode is voiced for traditional chorusing – adding deep, musical movement and depth to your tone – and as you dial up the speed, it takes on a rotating speaker quality. 

Mad Professor Electric Blue II Chorus/Vibrato

(Image credit: Mad Professor)

Mad Professor promises us that Vibrato mode is a little different to those you might find on a common or garden twofer. Here, the vibrato circuit was designed from the ground up, which should make it more versatile, more tweakable, and capable of holding its own with distorted tones.

It has what the Prof. describes as an extended vocabulary, and it certainly extends the functionality of the original Electric Blue.

The Electric Blue II should be with dealers mid-April, priced €210 (£199 approximately). See Mad Professor for more details. See the video above for a taste of it in action.

Jonathan Horsley

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