“I do not hate the EDM community,” confirms M83, but says he wishes DJs would ask permission before using his music

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, when M83’s Anthony Gonzalez told Consequence of Sound that “EDM is probably one of the styles of music that I hate the most,” not everyone was best pleased. Fans of the genre, who embraced M83 in 2011 when he had a hit with Midnight City, had to suffer the indignity of hearing Gonzalez say: “Sometimes I wish that I could erase that fanbase but I don’t think it’s possible to do that.” 

But wait, because M83 has now apologised and suggested that something was lost in translation.

“I do not hate the EDM community, no!” Gonzalez wrote in a now-removed Instagram post. “I’m forever grateful for the love and support. I’m French and my English sucks and so sometimes the journalist has to figure it out… and often it comes up wrong. Apologies for that.”

All sorted, then? If Gonzalez had left it at that, then maybe it would have been, but there was more. “What I do hate though is that community of DJs using my songs without any permission,” he wrote. “Waving their hands at the crowd and doing nothing but pressing a f***** button. This I truly find disrespectful and gross. It’s just not my education.”

To the best of our knowledge, it’s not common practice for DJs - EDM or otherwise - to seek artists’ permission before incorporating their music into live performances. In fact, many would take it as a compliment and appreciate the exposure, even of only certain elements of a song are being used or they aren't being played in their entirety.

Gonzalez, though is adamant: “When you use someone’s music maybe you can ask first, no?” he suggests. “If I was a DJ playing in front of a huge audience I would like to ask before doing anything. I would be too scared to offend artists.”

Signing off, Gonzalez admits that “Maybe I live in a fantasy world… the story of my life,” before offering “peace and love”.

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Prior to Gonzalez’, um, apology, Australian DJ Alison Wonderland had cheekily suggested on Twitter that “Whenever I drop Midnight City in a set I am now going to play it twice in a row and also I would like all of you to tag [M83] when I do it. :) xoxo - bro dj”.

Whether she’ll be requesting Gonzalez’ permission before doing this remains to be seen.

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