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LunaStone debuts Boost 18 mini pedal

Danish guitar co LunaStone has announced the Boost 18 mini pedal.

Building on its previous 15 dB boost, The Pusher, the Boost 18 offers 18 dB of clean boost, based on customer feedback.

Boost 18 will deliver even more clean boost than The Pusher did, but of course it has the same sonic flavour,” says Steen Grøntved, LunaStone founder and head engineer.

Why would we change its personality? Every guitarist we have heard back from loved the sound of the pedal, but some of them could use just a little more juice.”

LunaStone confirmed that this means The Pusher will now be discontinued.

The Boost 18 is available now for $109/€109. Head over to LunaStone for more info.

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