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Lounsberry Pedals’ Tall, Fat and Wide is a “game changer for digital organs”

Lounsberry Pedals has updated the renowned Tall and Fat preamp with its newest pedal, the Tall, Fat and Wide, which is the product of several years of detailed customer research and user feedback.

Designed to work in very much the same way as the Tall and Fat pedal, which provides the compression, second order harmonics, and dynamic drive characteristics of the AO-28 tube preamp, the new model is all of this, but in stereo.

Greg Lounsberry, owner of Lounsberry Pedals had this to say: “Just when you thought ‘Tall and Fat’ was absolutely devastating, along comes the son of Tall and Fat, I shall call it ‘Tall, Fat and Wide!’ Be Afraid!” 

Aimed at not just keys, the Tall, Fat and Wide’s stereo capabilities will also incorporate into a studio situation with ease.

Available from all Lounsberry dealers, the Tall, Fat and Wide is priced at $329 and more information can be found on the Lounsberry Pedals website.

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  • Game changer for digital organs
  • Convincing AO-28 sound for any keyboard
  • Analogue discrete circuit - No ICs or surface mount parts
  • Sounds great with organs, keyboards, bass, and guitar
  • True Bypass - 9V Battery Included
Simon Arblaster

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