Lehle offers more features for less footprint with its new Mono Volume S pedal

(Image credit: Lehle)

How much can a volume pedal do? More than some may imagine – and for moody and ambient playing they're a real secret weapon for your pedalboard. Now Lehle is giving you even more reason to add one with its new Mono Volume S. 

It's 35% smaller and 50% lighter than its other volume pedals, but like the rest of the German brand's range, its higher end status is sealed by not wearing out in the way standard, rather Heath Robinson-esque volume pedal mechanisms can. 

It uses magnet sensor VCA technology for precise and durable response without mechanical wear. 

The pedals analogue signal path with digital controls hosts a Class-A input stage with a dynamic range of 120 dB. Onboard control also allows you to call up presets for a boost range up to +12 db.

MIDI functionality is via the USB-C connection that can also 'calibrate, program and update' the pedal via computer. 

The Lehle Mono Volume S is $369 MSRP  / MAP $ 279 and  €239 MSRP / €229 street. More info at Lehle

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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