Get free rock guitar lessons with Orange Amplification’s online course and a free online music exam

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Orange has been an iconic name in guitar for over 50 years but now the company is trailblazing with online learning for players too. And you can sign up to its 2020 rock guitar course for free.

The Orange Learn Online Foundation Rock Course is a fun and accessible way for beginner and existing guitarists of all ages to learn rock guitar but it’s also the only online rock guitar course that is fully accredited in the UK and EU; offering a recognised qualification upon completion.

Orange is currently offering free access to the Rock Guitar Foundation Course with a free exam.

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The course offers guitarists the chance to learn a comprehensive range of skills, including how to play basic chords, notes and rhythms alongside the basics of note and tab reading. In addition, players are introduced to the valuable tools for future self-learning with aural and sheet music sight reading skills.

Orange’s approach to learning is flexible; making is suitable for a wide range of players’ needs. You can work at your own pace, either on your own or with a tutor, using the course materials including teacher videos, backing tracks, sheet music and quizzes.

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After signing up you’ll get instant access to online lessons and tuition videos that allow you to continue your learning wherever you are. And you'll have an option to take a qualification at the end of it.

The Orange Learn Online Foundation Rock Course is the only online rock guitar course in the UK and EU to offer players an accredited music qualification with a certificate from the TLM awarding body. You can even take the exams at a time best for you. See Online Music Exams for more information. 

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Module one of the Orange Learn Online Foundation Rock Course is ideal for beginners or anyone picking up the instrument again after a break. After an introduction to the basics, including how to hold a pick, you’ll learn basic rhythm guitar concepts – including time signatures and note values – and how chords are formed with octave scales. 

The open chord lessons in this first module will also teach you five progressions with backing tracks. Your knowledge will by tested by theory questions too.

These accessible lessons are structured for you to learn at your own pace alone, or with a tutor and the 2020 course also offers its own live help from tutors that you can contact for advice in real time when you need it.

(Image credit: Orange Amplification)

After completing the first module, players have the option to take the debut qualification and will still have access to expand their knowledge with modules two and three of the Orange Learn Online Foundation Rock Course . You can also enhance your skills further with the Intermediate and Advanced courses.

To find out more and sign up today for free access to the Foundation Rock Guitar Course and a free exam, head to


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