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Learn how to control your vibrato with this in-depth guitar lesson

Controlling your vibrato is one of the quickest ways to improve your guitar playing, and in the video above, pro guitarist Andy Gillion offers a variety of routes to developing one of the most important guitar techniques.

In the clip, Andy shows the difference between an out-of-control, rapid vibrato and a slower, wider style - the latter of which is the surefire sign of a good player.

He goes on to detail three different approaches to the technique: classical, circular and up/down, each of which can inject emotion and passion into your playing.

Your strings play an important part in shaping your technique, and coated strings offer a longer-lasting feel and tone life to keep your vibrato sounding its best.

Andy plays Elixir Strings with NANOWEB Coating.

(Image credit: Elixir Strings)

“Elixir Strings are the most reliable strings I’ve ever used,” he says. “They’re like butter to play and offer superb clarity which doesn’t seem to dwindle over time.”

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(Image credit: Elixir Strings)