KMA Machines turns frequency splitting up to 11 with its new Tyler Deluxe pedal

There has never been a better time for players who want to create with effects pedals and KMA Machines' Tyler Deluxe Advanced Frequency Splitter fits right in with that way of working. 

It's an expansion of the existing Tyler pedal and is is designed can be used to help create new sounds with your existing pedals or splitting signals into multiple amps as an advanced AB/Y box. 

KMA Machines

(Image credit: KMA Machines)

The core of the Tyler Deluxe is its filter sections to split your signal into different loops with high and low pass paths (both filters offers a 12 dB/oct. roll-off with a variable cut-off frequency from 20 Hz to 3 kHz). 

Improvements for the Deluxe now include:

• Improved noise floor

• To prevent ground looper both sends are now transformer coupled (with TRIAD Magnetics). The other advantage of this is it offers warmer saturation and both loops  have their own phase inversion switch (+/-).

• Master phase switch ensures a fixed and reliable interaction with your set filter-frequency in every situation, regardless of whether you either have a loop engaged or not. 

• LP-CUT and HP-CUT switches will now mute your loops when bypassed, only using the engaged loops without having clean artefacts pass through when disengaging one of the loops. 

• Tyler Deluxe is  now equipped with relay-based soft-switches, an internal step-up to increase the headroom for hotter input signals and low-noise op-amps to improve the overall sound-quality and usability. 

The KMA Machines Tyler Deluxe is available in early July for £249. More info at KMA Machines

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