The Chief Disruptor has arrived: it's KMA Machines' new Fuzz/Distortion pedal

The fuzz pedals keep coming and this looks like an especially versatile one from KMA Machines in Berlin, Germany. The Chief Disruptor Fundamental Fuzz Distortion. And it's looking to one pedal in particular as an inspiration to build on and take to bold new versatile places…

"Welcome to a new era of the most iconic fuzz/distortion sound the world has ever known," says KMA. "You know, that epically huge and super saturated tone (some might call it big and muffy) that has defined the signature sound of so many artists and countless records in the past few decades. It's arguably one of the pedals with the biggest impact on the entire industry, which has seen it modified over and over and over again. So much that you think it's all been done, right? Oh boy do we have a surprise for you here!"

KMA Machines

(Image credit: KMA Machines)

Three different Gain Modes has our interest piqued immediately, and a pre- or post-EQ Clean Blend allows further balance for a pedal that could be potentially subtle if required. Not something that's usually associated with fuzz but it should be. Rest assured, this pedal will also go into the realms of loud and proud too. 

That trio of gain modes are Vintage (dynamic), Tight (focussed) and Heavy (thick and sustaining) should cover a very wide plain for a lot of uses. 

Additional controls include active Bass and Treble controls, foot-switchable and expression-controllable parametric Mid-EQ as well as a switchable Top-Boost for more crunch when required.

There's also internal switch for this Top-Boost level and a Mid Q. 

The KMA Machines Chief Disruptor is £179 and available now. More info at KMA Machines

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