Did Justice name Generator, from new album Hyperdrama, after the free plugin they used to make it?

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French electronic music duo Justice released their fourth studio album last month, Hyperdrama, and the music production community has wasted no time in picking apart its tracks in the hopes of figuring out how they were made.

Keen-eared YouTuber Dylan Tallchief has made a surprising discovery in his analysis of Justice's rave-inspired track Generator, suggesting that the pair relied almost exclusively on presets from a free plugin released eight years ago to create the track's synth lines.

In the video, embedded below, Dylan describes how on first listening through to Generator, he picked up on Justice's use of synth patches found in classic rave songs such as The Prodigy's Charly. This led him to recall a free plugin, Rave Generator, which features an extensive collection of sampled rave synth sounds.

Opening up the plugin and scrolling through its presets, Dylan discovered several more sounds that could be heard on Justice's new single, swiftly making the connection between the name of the song and the plugin. 

"It started to dawn on me, did they use this plugin, and just call the song Generator after the plugin Rave Generator? Yes, they did," says Dylan. Who'd have thought that one of the world's biggest electronic music duos would be reaching for the presets from a janky old free plugin in making their latest track?

From this point on, Dylan goes on to recreate the song using Rave Generator, adding drums, bass, strings and effects to the synth sounds to create a pretty convincing imitation of the track in FL Studio. 

Dylan Tallchief is the brains behind Jukeblocks.io, a website you can use to generate project file templates for your DAW and convert project files from Ableton's .alp to FL Studio's .flp file format. 

Download Rave Generator 2.

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