Junkie XL to sell off classic Moog and Yamaha synths: “I simply can’t use them all anymore!”

Tom Holkenborg - AKA Junkie XL - is the latest artist to get his own Reverb shop, and he’s using it to sell more than 200 pieces of music technology gear that he’s used throughout his career.

One of the star attractions will likely be his Moog Minimoog Voyager XL, as heard on some of Holkenborg’s biggest film scores. “The sound design possibilities in the low frequencies are amazing,” he says. “It’s used in Mad Max: Fury Road. It’s used in Deadpool, Alita: Battle Angel, Mortal Engines - I can go on and on. It’s used everywhere. It’s a workhorse.”

Another Deadpool alumnus is the Boss Chorus Ensemble pedal, which was used in the soundtrack to get an ‘80s guitar sound.

“I remember picking this up on my first US tour as Junkie XL, so it's been with me for 22 years or so,” Holkenborg explains. “It's an incredible pedal and I made incredible results with this. I've used it with synthesizers. I've used it with bass. I've used it on guitar. It's a really great pedal, especially for the connoisseurs out there.”

There are several classic Yamaha synths going up for sale, too: a CS-70M, CS-60 and CS-40M, along with a rare Sequential Circuits Prophet-T8. Other highlights include an Oberheim Stretch DX drum computer, Obeheim Prommer EPROM creator, and an EPROM eraser.

Explaining his decision to slim-down his setup, Holkenborg says: “I’ve always been a bit of a gearhead. Throughout my career I’ve amassed an amazing collection of instruments that I love and have cherished, but I simply can’t use them all anymore! I’ve made some amazing music with these items and they are instruments that deserve to be played, rather than used a couple of times a year. I want to get this gear in the hands of creators who can use it every day.”

You can preview the Tom Holkenborg Reverb shop now, and it’ll go live on 9 December.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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