The new J-Rockett Uni-Verb pedal combines Uni-Vibe with vintage spring reverb

J Rockett Audio Designs
(Image credit: J Rockett Audio Designs)

The words J Rockett, Uni-Vibe and spring reverb are all saying great things to us, and the company's Uni-Verb promises to deliver the kind of vintage tone class we'd hope from the company. But after five years in development, it comes at a price.

Weighing in at £465 / $529, it's in the upper end of even a dual circuit boutique effects pedal.  But is sounds so good!



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The FX files: Uni-Vibe

The Uni-Verb is the second pedal in J-Rockett Audio Designs' Classic Series after 2021's Deluxe Memory Man-esque Clockwork Echo and aims to offer an update to the classic, original Uni-Vibe along with a simple one-knob vintage spring reverb.

A built-in FX loop allows you to separate the two sections to integrate more effectively with your other effects and even thought it's powered by 9V, it runs at 24V internally like the original Uni-Vibe.

J Rockett Audio Designs

(Image credit: J Rockett Audio Designs)

The Chorus section allows enhanced control with Mix and Intensity too. Hendrix tones and more abound here! 

For more info on the J Rockett Uni-Verb check out and for an excellent background on the history and appeal of the Uni-Vibe –watch JHS's Josh Scott below. 

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