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Joyo’s Uzi could be the affordable metal distortion pedal to beat

Following on from the recently announced Tauren overdrive, Joyo Audio has unveiled the Uzi, a metal-focused distortion pedal.

The company’s latest R series stompbox boasts a Bias knob to sweep between American and British dirt, as well as a three-band EQ, volume and gain knobs.

Handily, Joyo has also ensured that adjusting the gain knob doesn’t affect the volume, making for easy tonal tweaks.

There’s also an ambience LED light on the front and rear sides of the chassis, which can be adjusted to sync up with the pedal’s footswitch or stay on all the time, using a switch on the underside.

Judging from the demo video above, there are some tight palm-muted tones on offer here, especially for the minuscule asking price of $48.99.

Looks like we might need to make room on our round-up of the best distortion pedals for metal

Head over to Joyo Audio for more info.

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