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Joyo's new R-15 packs 9 classic preamps into one pedal

It's turning into a heady time to be alive for guitar players who want to play direct – either plugging in live or for recording. Following the new Strymon Iridium amp and cab modeller, Joyo has weighed in with its R-15.

It's a preamp pedal offering 9 preamp sims – each with a clean and distortion channel to give you 18 tones to tweak in total that can be switched onboard.

(Image credit: Joyo)

Though Joyo's names only allude to the famed preamp models they're based on, they include tones inspired by the Fender 65 Twin, Marshall JCM 900, Vox AC30, Mesa/Boogie Lonestar and Dual Rectifier, EVH 5150 III, Engl Powerball, Orange Thunderverb 200 and the Friedman BE-100.

There's one built in cab sim for stage use with an FX loop for additional pedals in your rig and balanced XLR output for recording.

The R-15 carries street price of $169.99 / £145. Head to Joyo for more info.