John Mayer’s 2019 pedalboard has been revealed

John Mayer performing live
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Look, we know we write a lot about John Mayer. But as one of this generation’s most prominent guitar players and gear philosophers, we can’t get enough hot rig chat. And, accordingly, we’re sharing fresh news of the six-string dreamboat’s pedalboard.

Source Audio shared a photo of the camo-panted guitarist’s ’board with Grateful Dead offshoot Dead And Company on Instagram, noting the appearance of the company's True Spring Reverb at the end of the chain, complete with tap switch to engage/disengage the tremolo.

John Mayer's pedalboard

(Image credit: Source Audio/Instagram)

Excellent Instagram resource johnmayergear went one further, identifying Mr Mayer’s signal chain as follows:

  1. Xotic Wah XW-1
  2. Keeley Katana (not shown)
  3. TC Electronic PolyTune (not shown)
  4. Ibanez TS10
  5. Klon Centaur
  6. Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron+
  7. Channel switcher for the Dumble Overdrive Special
  8. MXR Phase 90
  9. Strymon Volante
  10. Source Audio True Spring Reverb
  11. Tap Switch
  12. Boss TU-3 for acoustic.
  13. Sustain pedal - routes the vocal mic into the in-ears to talk between each band members easily

John’s amp for this tour is, of course, the Dumble Overdrive Special - he clearly left the Axe-Fx III at home - plus a new triple-humbucker, solidbody take on his signature PRS Super Eagle, which you can see in John's Instagram post below.

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